The Welsh Health Survey


The Welsh Health Survey (WHS) collects information about the health of people living in Wales, the way they use health services, and the factors that can affect their health. Previously conducted in 1995 and 1998, the current WHS series was commissioned by the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG), and began in 2003-2004.Aims of the WHS: The WHS is designed to:

  • provide estimates of health status, health determinants and health service use
  • contribute to setting and monitoring targets and indicators in the health strategies and National Service Frameworks
  • examine differences between population subgroups (such as sex, age, social class) and local areas
  • provide a direct measurement of need for health care for National Health Service resource allocation in Wales
  • provide local health board- and local authority-level information for the development of joint local health, social care and well-being strategies

The WHS is based on a representative sample of adults aged 16 and over living in private households in Wales.  In addition, up to two children aged 0 to 15 are randomly selected from each household.

Main Topics: The main topics covered for adults are: general health and wellbeing; health service use; medicines and illnesses; untreated problems or symptoms; alcohol consumption and smoking; fruit and vegetable consumption; exercise; carers; height and weight; demographics; infant feeding.
The main topics covered for children are: health status; health service use; accidents; illnesses and other health problems; eating habits; physical activity and strengths and difficulties (SDQ).

Welsh Health Survey


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