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Triangle of care – carers included: a guide to best practice for dementia care

The triangle of care is a model for dementia care that supports a partnership approach between the person with dementia (the patient), the staff member and carer. It is designed to ensure that carers are appropriately included and involved in the care of people with dementia, particularly in hospital settings.

 How to guide will support improvements in general hospital care for people with a learning disability

A 1000 Lives Improvement How to guide has been launched to ensure people with learning disabilities receive the right level of care in hospital in Wales.

Further updates on My Local Health Service website

The My Local Health Service website in Wales, which contains easily accessible information on NHS performance has been updated giving patients even more information on their local hospitals, GP practices and health boards.

Challenging poor practice

North West Dignity Leads have developed a resource for staff who witness poor practice in health and social care.

Life after death: six steps to improve support in bereavement

This Dying Matters report outlines benefits for improving support for people who are recently bereaved

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